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Sanus LF228

Sanus LF228

The Sanus LF228 makes it simple to wall-mount and precisely position your compatible flat-panel plasma or LCD TVs. Part of Sanus' VisionMount HDpro™ series, this full-motion bracket can support TVs with screen sizes from 37" to 65" and weighing up to 135 lbs. The articulated arm extends your TV up to 28" out from the wall. The mount lets you swivel your TV from side to side up to 170°, and you can also tilt your TV for optimal viewing.

Sanus' QuickConnect™ system lets you just attach the mounting head by simply snapping it into the arm assembly. And you can disengage it with a button push — handy if you need to remove your TV for repairs or replacement.

After installation, the mount's "roll" adjustment lets you fine-tune your TV's position to ensure that the screen is perfectly level. The arm assembly can also be shifted slightly left or right on the wall plate so the TV is always centered, even if your wall studs are off-center. Finally, the mount's hollow arm lets you thread cables through it, keeping them out of sight and free from tangles.

•designed for flat-panel plasma and LCD TVs 37"-65"
•supports up to 135 lbs.
•strong, lightweight extruded aluminum construction
•TV mounting distance from wall: up to 28"
•vertical tilt range: +5° to -15° (may vary with size of TV)
•side-to-side swivel range: +85° to -85° (may vary with size of TV)
•roll adjustment: +5° to -5°
•in-arm cable management
•stud-mounting required
•34-1/16"W x 23-3/4"H x 3-1/2"D (28"D fully exteneded)
•warranty: 10 years
  • Details

    Overview: The Sanus Systems VisionMount HDPro Series LF228 is a full-motion wall mount for large flat panel TVs and monitors. The mount can tilt, swivel, and extend in every direction so you can attain the perfect viewing angle. This mounting bracket, black in color, features a built-in cable management system to conceal and protect your cables.

    Capacity: The LF228 is designed for 37" to 65" flat panel TVs. It has a weight capacity of up to 135 pounds.

    Bolt Pattern: The monitor bracket has multiple vertical slots and can accommodate vertical hole spacing (on the back of the TV) up to 21-5/8" (550mm). The unit can expand horizontally for larger TVs. The vertical brackets can slide along the horizontal bars, accommodating a horizontal hole spacing from 4-3/4" (120mm) to 33-1/4" (850mm). The LF228 comes with M4, M5, M6, and M8 size bolts of differing lengths to mount the brackets to your TV.

    VESA: Given the mounting bracket's range of motion, it will accommodate the following VESA hole patterns in accordance with industry standards set by the Video Electronics Standards Association:
    •VESA 800 x 400
    •VESA 600 x 400
    •VESA 400 x 400
    •VESA 400 x 300
    •VESA 400 x 200
    •VESA 300 x 300
    •VESA 300 x 200
    •VESA 200 x 200
    •VESA 200 x 100

    Virtual Axis: Sanus' patented Virtual Axis tilting technology allows effortless viewing angle adjustment without the use of tools by balancing the weight of the TV on itself. You can tilt the TV up or down with just the touch of a finger, and easily reduce glare and reflections caused by lights or windows. Dual arms allow large TVs to easily extend, retract, tilt, and swivel up to 28" from the wall. The arm assembly shifts left and right on the wall plate so the TV is always centered, even if the wall studs are not. Once mounted, the TV's range of motion is as follows:
    •Tilt: -15° to +5°
    •Swivel: -170° to +170°
    •Roll: -5° to +5°
    •Extend: up to 28" from wall

    ProSet: Once installed, the TV may not appear com
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