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Logitech Harmony Touch

Logitech Harmony Touch

The Logitech Harmony Touch is a remote for the 21st century. Instead of a sea of buttons, this innovative universal remote has a few simple controls and color touchscreen. With a flick of your finger you can quickly swipe and scroll to navigate to your entertainment choices.

You can initiate a sequence of commands by tapping a single activity icon. Touch the “Watch TV” icon, for example, and the Harmony automatically assesses the status of your HDTV, receiver, cable or satellite box, makes sure they’re all turned on with the proper settings, and presto! Your system’s ready for TV viewing. The activity icons are great for family members and houseguests who might find your home theater system intimidating to use.

You can have up to 50 channel touchscreen icons, customized in the order you want them.

Customizable channel icons

With the Harmony Touch you can select display icons for up to 50 of your favorite channels. And you can personalize and rearrange them as you want — right on the remote's touchscreen. To watch a channel, just touch the icon. The remote does the rest.

Touch pad numbers

One of the reasons the Touch looks so simple and inviting is that the number buttons are gone. Instead, you access the number pad through the touchscreen. It’s still there when you need it for codes and search – but out of sight when you don’t.

Smart, ergonomic design

The sculpted design of the Harmony Touch makes it comfortable to hold. And the buttonsare backlit, so they're easy to use in low-light settings. And don’t worry about dead batteries – the Touch has built-in rechargeable batteries, and comes with its own charging cradle. Another nice thing about that cradle – it provides a home for your remote, so it's easier to find.
  • Details

    •easy Internet-based setup
    •2-3/8" swipe and tap color touchscreen
    •activity icons such as "Watch TV," "Listen to Music," etc.
    •up to 50 customizable channel icons
    •number pad access on touchscreen
    •contoured backlit buttons
    •controls up to 15 devices
    •comfortable, ergonomic design
    •can learn IR codes from existing remote controls
    •USB port for downloading commands from Logitech's website (USB cable included)
    •built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery
    •flash memory
    •recharging cradle
    •warranty: 1 year
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